First things first! How to become a Stanwood Spartan Powderpuff

Powderpuff Football Participation Intro

Hey Spartan Ladies!!! Welcome to the opportunity of a lifetime! So how do you become a Stanwood Spartan Powderpuff? I won’t candy coat it, it will take some hard work and dedication to make a great team, but it is so worth it! You, your friends and family will be so proud of you! And you just may get the itch to do it again!

Spartan women were known to raise mighty warriors, so why can’t we show off our awesome skills!

Not only is it fun to play, but the money raised from event(s) will be donated to all Stanwood youth sports programs as well as help pay for incurred costs, as well as raise funds for scholarships. This is our opportunity to come together and play as one, and to represent Stanwood.

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Ready to make the first step? REGISTER NOW!

Here’s an overview of player participation


As a way to cover the base cost of gear, and incidental fundraiser costs, the $100 fee paid by the player or player’s sponsor will help pay for your very own jersey, as well as contributing towards costs to keep this program going to support our youth sports.

Sponsorship forms are available for any amount of donation, as well as advertising rights in our program events. Ask your employer today! Fees are subject to change without notice. Player cost is due upon registration with signed and completed forms; and no later than 1 week of sign up. See Team Mom for payment arrangements.

Take advantage of the OPEN PRACTICE: March 21st & 25th! Official practice season starts March 28th, 2018.

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