2022 – Practice Schedule -Stanwood Spartan Powderpuffs

We are really looking forward to the 2022 Powderpuff season! Covid has made a big impact on everyone, and we are excited to be able to play football again. Come get some exercise, make new friends or reconnect with women you know. Let’s get back to it ladies!

FIRST PRACTICE:  March 6th, 2022 – 12:00-2:30  Port Susan Middle School

PRACTICES:  March 6th – June 12th

  • Sundays @ Port Susan Middle School 12:00-2:30
  • Wednesdays @ New View Church 5:30-7:30  


  • @ Lake Stevens – Saturday May 21st – Time 5:30pm
  • @ Mount Vernon – Saturday June 4th – Time 5:30pm
  • June 12th – End of Season Team/Family BBQ


We are looking forward to a fun season!     `                            

———Go Spartans!!———



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2021: Football Season

Sunday March 28th, 2021 | 1:00pm- Team Building

Hey, Team!! The plan is to have our Registration/Team Building Event this Sunday, March 28th. We will have registration packets for everyone to sign up. Show up at 1:00pm @ New View Church in Stanwood. Please invite anyone who is interested or has ever been interested!

Just a few details about how this season will look…There will not be any actual games this season. There is too much up in the air with other teams and field availability. We are going to make this season about team building, skill building, and for some of us, MOVING for the first time in over a year. (Just me?)

There will not be any player fees charged this season. Insurance costs will be covered by sponsorship. There will be an opportunity to buy team gear soon. Pricing for that will depend on how many people are interested in ordering.

We are working with other teams to try to do some scrimmages or joint practices this season. Hopefully, that will allow for some level of competition that a lot of us crave!

I’m really looking forward to seeing your faces (or half of your faces) and making the most out of our 2021 season!

Let’s make it meaningful!

Please print registration packet/waiver and bring it to the field on Sunday, March 28th, 2021.

Update: 2020 Football Season

2020 Powderpuff Football Season: Cancelled

We regretfully announce that our 2020 Powerderpuff season is cancelled due to the global pandemic. We hope you are all staying healthy during this time and we look forward to seeing all of you next season!

Please follow our Facebook page as we are tentatively planning on fun things to do to help keep up our moral and stay in shape. Thank you all for the continued support and we can’t wait for the 2021 season!

Stay safe & healthy!

-Stanwood Spartan Powderpuff Board

SAVE THE DATES: Open Registration for 2020 Stanwood Powderpuff Season!

  1. FEBRUARY 19TH, 2020 AT AMIGOS 5:30PM – 8:00PM

  2. MARCH 4TH, 2020 AT THE CROWS NEST 5:30PM – 8:00PM




        click here to download: SPONSOR FORM

Speed and Agility Camp

Opening the new season, 2018 we’re kicking it off with free workout days testing your speed and agility.

Try out different drills that help train your muscles and keep them agile.

From quick feet to strengthening core moves while running or catching the football will start your appetite for more!

Plan for stretching, warmups, drills, and rest with hydration breaks.

Cleats are best if you have, but not necessary.

Come out for a taste of the season while meeting coaches, and alumni players.

We’d love to have you!

Practice location: Stanwood Middle School.

Practice dates and times TBD. But do plan to be available from 5-6:30/dusk week nights the week of March 19th.

We are working out some scheduling at the moment in a huddle! Thanks for your patience.

Like our FACEBOOK page: Stanwood Spartan Moms to stay up to date.

Participants must sign Medical Liability Waiver prior to practice.

See Register Page for the form. Print and bring it!

Kicking Off The Season: Coach’s Files

Start of Practice March 22. Scrimmage May 1st. Game June 3rd.

3 days until scrimmage.

It’s going by quick. It seems like yesterday we stepped on the field contemplating taping names to helmets so coaches don’t forget names. Yet here we are: A family about to step onto the field for our first scrimmage. We’ve come so far.

It’s easy to get lost in the sport of football. Between the big hits on the field or a ball soaring through the air with a tight spiral as defensive back and wide receiver jockey for position, all while the stadium watches, waiting. It seems as if during that moment the world stops turning. The results of those moments are the forge of community. It’s what creates bonds and friendships. No matter the result of the play, victory for one team, defeat for another, what happened during that moment makes us stronger. We’re either stronger through the adversity caused by defeat or stronger through the conquering of an opponent together on the field. Point is, we’re stronger.

It’s moments like these that strike me. They’re so important, yet they seem so trivial. That’s the concept that breaks me from the fog of football. It’s the realization that something so important, the creation and understanding of a community, could be missed by someone wanting to participate but can’t due to something that isn’t their fault. That individual might never have the opportunity to experience that foundational building  block. I see the importance community has on kids. I see it’s built through youth sports. I see the heartache when kids can’t participate. That’s where I see the importance of what we’re doing here. I see we have an opportunity to help eliminate the barrier of money from joining that community.

So as we strap up and step on the field and fans of the sport punch their tickets and find their seats, we should all remember the concept behind sport. Competition, of course, but community first and foremost. It’s a noble cause we’ve decided to take on, all I can ask is that you join the community and support it.

Mark Flickinger

President Stanwood Spartan Moms

Defensive Coordinator Stanwood Spartan Moms

Supporting Stanwood Youth Sports

Each year holds new opportunities to better our community.  Through this blog we hope that you will find Stanwood Spartan Moms are ready to reach out and help!

We strive to raise funds to enrich our community, strengthen our connections with families, and help youth sports teams to be able to facilitate their sport better than the year before!

If there is a need, we would love to hear about it.  Please contact us so we can make new goals with you!  We would like to help do a fundraiser together, sell concessions for you at your game, or help with funds.

The board will review your concerns and requests thoroughly.

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Our fundraisers are the following:

  • Plumfund Equipment Wish List
  • Krispie Kreme are coming again to Stanwood!  Stay tuned!
  • Raffle Drawings during Open Registration!
    • Win Movie Passes or Gift Certificate to Dragon Palace!

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T-Shirts and Promo Gear are here!  Contact us if you’d like a Hoodie, T-Shirt, Hat, Car Decal.  Posting with pictures to come here shortly.  Contact Katie Kennedy at 425-879-3631 for more details.

Capture SSM LOGO 2016


Powderpuff plays neighboring cities such as Arlington, Marysville, Lake Stevens to help raise funds for youth sports.  When you purchase an individual ticket $5 or a family ticket $10 that helps a good cause!

Ticket Bonus!

When you purchase a game ticket with Stanwood Spartan Powderpuff, 1 raffle ticket is included!  Purchase additional raffle tickets to enter in our drawing held at the BIG GAME.

If you purchased a ticket without a raffle ticket number (online), bring your ticket to redeem your free raffle ticket!



With your donation of any amount, it will reach beyond the football field!  

Thank you!

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