Stanwood Spartan Moms


Just a few details about how this season will look…There will not be any actual games this season. There is too much up in the air with other teams and field availability. We are going to make this season about team building, skill building, and for some of us, MOVING for the first time in over a year. (Just me?)

There will not be any player fees charged this season. Insurance costs will be covered by sponsorship. There will be an opportunity to buy team gear soon. Pricing for that will depend on how many people are interested in ordering.

We are working with other teams to try to do some scrimmages or joint practices this season. Hopefully, that will allow for some level of competition that a lot of us crave!

I’m really looking forward to seeing your faces (or half of your faces) and making the most out of our 2021 season!

Let’s make it meaningful!

Stay safe & healthy!

-Stanwood Spartan Powderpuff Board

Every year we rally together to play women’s flag football in the spirit of fun, inspiration, and community support for youth sports.

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Spartan winning pic 2015 with pink background

2015 Stanwood Spartan Stilly Cup Champions. The Spartans secured the Stilly Cup trophy with a victory over their rival the Arlington Eagles.

Stanwood Spartan Moms focuses on fielding a women’s football team to operate as a fundraiser for our local youth sports.

Our Mission: To support the Stanwood community by fundraising and providing the means for less fortunate youth’s participation in sports and all Stanwood Youth Sports team needs.

In a regular season, we have opportunities to play Lake Stevens, Marysville, Lakewood, Mt. Vernon, and Arlington Powderpuff teams with similar community goals.


Flag football is typically played without gear, but to ensure the closest experience to the youth they support, helmets and pads are issued. The physicality is tremendous. The games are great.

A couple of years ago, with the help of many sponsors, we were able to retire the expired helmets, and purchase new ones! Thank you!!!

Continually we are expanding our helmet inventory for more players! $180 covers the $130 for helmet plus $50 facemask.


Old helmet (left) New helmet (right) Helmets are the biggest obstacle organizationally to achieving our goals and keeping our players safe.

Expenditures such as helmets and facemasks are very expensive! We will need community support more than ever to reach our fundraising goals and help all Stanwood Youth Sports.

Show your Support! Come to an event!

  • Scrimmage: TBD



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Stay Tuned for more updates!