Kicking Off The Season: Coach’s Files

Start of Practice March 22. Scrimmage May 1st. Game June 3rd.

3 days until scrimmage.

It’s going by quick. It seems like yesterday we stepped on the field contemplating taping names to helmets so coaches don’t forget names. Yet here we are: A family about to step onto the field for our first scrimmage. We’ve come so far.

It’s easy to get lost in the sport of football. Between the big hits on the field or a ball soaring through the air with a tight spiral as defensive back and wide receiver jockey for position, all while the stadium watches, waiting. It seems as if during that moment the world stops turning. The results of those moments are the forge of community. It’s what creates bonds and friendships. No matter the result of the play, victory for one team, defeat for another, what happened during that moment makes us stronger. We’re either stronger through the adversity caused by defeat or stronger through the conquering of an opponent together on the field. Point is, we’re stronger.

It’s moments like these that strike me. They’re so important, yet they seem so trivial. That’s the concept that breaks me from the fog of football. It’s the realization that something so important, the creation and understanding of a community, could be missed by someone wanting to participate but can’t due to something that isn’t their fault. That individual might never have the opportunity to experience that foundational building  block. I see the importance community has on kids. I see it’s built through youth sports. I see the heartache when kids can’t participate. That’s where I see the importance of what we’re doing here. I see we have an opportunity to help eliminate the barrier of money from joining that community.

So as we strap up and step on the field and fans of the sport punch their tickets and find their seats, we should all remember the concept behind sport. Competition, of course, but community first and foremost. It’s a noble cause we’ve decided to take on, all I can ask is that you join the community and support it.

Mark Flickinger

President Stanwood Spartan Moms

Defensive Coordinator Stanwood Spartan Moms

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